LOOK: Oklahoma City Thunder forced to switch jerseys at halftime after color clash with Atlanta Hawks

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Viewers of Friday’s game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Atlanta Hawks were treated to quite an eyesore on the court in the first half. No, this isn’t a shot at the level of play that was taking place, but more a comment on the reality of the clashing jerseys that the two sides wore.

Atlanta took the court with their red uniforms, and Oklahoma City did so with an orange outfit. The colors are distinct when held up directly next to each other without any movement involved, but on a court where athletes are moving at a fast pace, they become quite bad for the vision.

After the first half ended, the Thunder were the ones who went away from their original unis and switched to an all-white outfit.

One might think that the Thunder blinking on this issue is a sign that they were in the wrong, but that would be an incorrect line of thinking, as Joe Musatto of The Oklahoman reported.

So really it was the Hawks who were in the “wrong” in this situation, but the reality of them being the road team means that fans were treated to a terrible color clash on the floor. This isn’t the first time that such a clash has happened on a court, as other Twitter users have pointed out.

That game was a Nov. 16, 2013 clash between the Knicks and Hawks, who have shown themselves to be repeat offenders of such things. In that game, Atlanta took the win in the eyesore game with a 110-90 win over New York.

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