Samson: LeBron James sounds off about the All-Star Game, not thrilled about NBA’s decision

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The NBA All-Star Game is happening on March 7, but not everyone is happy about it. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James voiced his frustrations with the game, explaining that the players are tired, in need of a break and they were told entering the season there would be no All-Star Game this year.

David Samson discussed the comments and what actions James could’ve taken on his podcast “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

The NBA started out as a great example of how to play during a pandemic and now they are back to doing what many others are, making sure the broadcast partners are happy and making up for lost revenue, Samson said.

“LeBron James is the spokesman for the National Basketball Association,” Samson said. “The most recognizable name. The biggest star,” and therefore you need to check in with him when a decision like this is made. Samson notes that the league needed to reach out to him to go over talking points on the subject.

That did not occur and James sounded off to the media about his unhappiness with the situation.

“LeBron James went scorched earth,” Samson said.

Adam Silver was doing the duck and cover, saying, “please don’t say anymore,” Samson joked.

James noted that if he is selected, he will be there physically but not mentally. “It’s an absolute nightmare for the NBA,” the podcast host said.

James said the whole situation was out of his hands, but Samson has a problem with this statement.

“It is completely in your hands. You could have gone out and gotten the votes and you could’ve easily blocked the All-Star Game from happening,” Samson concludes.

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