Stephen Jackson calls out Rockets’ James Harden: ‘He doesn’t want to be held accountable’

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Former NBA player Stephen Jackson isn’t happy with the way that James Harden has handled his business so far this season. Harden, who has requested a trade from the Rockets, showed up late to Houston’s training camp after posting pictures of himself partying across the country rather than being with his team. While Harden initially made it clear he wanted to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, he has apparently widened his scope when it comes to potential landing spots, as he reportedly informed the Rockets before the start of training camp that he’d be open to a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers, or any other contender. 

During an Instagram video on Thursday night, Jackson called Harden out for a lack of professionalism, and for not supporting new Rockets coach Stephen Silas. 

“The Rockets finally get a young Black coach, a young Black coach gets an opportunity, and you don’t want to show up to camp. You don’t want to play for him. How’s that look?,” Jackson said in the Instagram video, via The Houston Chronicle. “And you wonder why every time a Black coach gets a job, they put him in a bulls–t situation. Look at what you’re doing… What a real one would do is go play for that Black coach and make him look good and build with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins – some real ones,” Jackson said. “But, obviously, you want to go chase rappers around.”  

The way Jackson sees it, Harden simply doesn’t want to be held accountable, either on or off of the court. 

“It’s just simple, James Harden doesn’t want to be held accountable,” Jackson said. “D’Antoni is the worst defensive coach in NBA history. Ain’t going to win sh-t, ain’t won sh-t as the head coach, and he’s easy to run over. So, James is trying to continue to be close to D’Antoni so he can’t be held accountable.” 

You can see the full video below: 

When it comes to players — both former and current — Jackson has been the most vocal when it comes to opposing Harden’s recent behavior, but he’s likely not the only one that feels that way. 

More to come.  

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