LOOK: Dwyane Wade crashes couple’s engagement photoshoot and stops to take pictures


One couple has the engagement story to beat all engagement stories, after a superstar athlete walked into the moment unplanned. Former NBA star Dwyane Wade was walking on the beach and bumped into a major moment in this couple’s life.

Ryan Basch and his now fiancée Katie Ryan, as their names appear on Instagram, were already having an incredible day and the addition of an A-lister only made it even more memorable. Not to mention, they went viral for their proposal as well.

While both Katie and Ryan were over the moon to take the next steps in their relationship, Wade may have been even more excited about the whole thing, judging by his face. 

D-Wade grabbed his heart with his jaw dropped when he saw the proposal and eventually posed with the couple for some unique engagement photos.

Take a look at the priceless pics:

Ryan posted photos from the event on his Instagram and Instagram story, saying that Wade and actress Gabrielle Union were invited to the eventual wedding.

Wade also posted on his Instagram story saying, “It was so dope to witness you guys love!”

Ryan tagged Rosewood Miramar Beach, near Santa Barbara, California as the location of the engagement. 

According to Ryan’s Instagram, the couple has been together for nearly six years, dating back to Wade’s first run with the Miami Heat.

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