Ex-Texas State coach insists he’s not racist after disturbing allegations

Despite disturbing allegations of racist incidents levied against him, former Texas State coach Danny Kaspar insists in his resignation letter that he’s not a racist. 

Kaspar resigned last month amid an investigation into several different racist incidents, which were first brought to light by a player who transferred out of his program. He wrote in a resignation letter, via the Associated Press, that most of this players over his nearly-three decade coaching career have been Black.

“I firmly and fervently deny any suggestion — direct or otherwise — that I am a racist or harbor any animosity toward anyone stemming from their race,” he wrote in the letter, via The Associated Press. “As with all human beings, I acknowledge there may be room for improvement, however, I hold only love in my heart for people of all races, colors and creeds.”

Disturbing, racist allegations against Danny Kaspar

Kaspar resigned on Sept. 22 after a lengthy investigation following allegations made against him by former point guard Jaylen Shead. 

Shead played for Kaspar for two seasons before transferring away, and accused him of consistently making racist and abusive statements to his team. Shead detailed the incidents on Twitter, many of which were backed up by his teammates. 

Kaspar, according to Shead, once allegedly told him that, “If y’all can say the N-word that means I can say it.” He also allegedly told the team during a drill that, “If a brown man with a turban and an AK-47 walked in, I bet y’all would run as fast as you could.”

Kaspar also allegedly threatened to deport a European player if he kept “messing up,” something he said he was going to get President Donald Trump-supporting boosters and alumni’s help to do. 

The 65-year-old had been at Texas State since 2013, following a 13-year stint at Stephen F. Austin. He finished with a 119-109 overall record with the Bobcats. 

The resignation letter was released to The Associated Press after a public records request. Part of it was redacted. The university, per the report, asked the Texas state attorney general to allow it to withhold other information related to its investigation into Kaspar, too. 

In his resignation letter, Danny Kaspar insisted he’s not racist and said that most of the players he has coached in his career have been Black. (AP/Gerald Herbert, File)


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