Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo has social media, phone and bank accounts hacked

This current quarantine period has left most people with a lot more time on their hands, and unfortunately, not everyone is using that for good. Early on Thursday afternoon, someone hacked into the social media, phone, email and bank accounts of Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

All the tweets, which were filled with derogatory statements about other players in the league, as well as racial slurs, have since been deleted. In the aftermath, the Bucks announced that an investigation is underway. Giannis also released a statement as well once his account had been restored.

“I was hacked and the situation is currently being investigated,” Giannis said. “The tweets and posts were extremely inappropriate and I am so disappointed and disgusted that somebody would say the terrible things that were said! I feel terrible that the Bucks, Khris, LeBron and the Curry family were included in the malicious and untrue tweets. I feel especially terrible for the Bryant family, during their time of grief they should not be subjected to this type of negativity and foul behavior.”

These sorts of things happen from time to time, and it’s embarrassing for the player and causes an uproar on the internet for a bit, but it isn’t really that big of a deal.

This situation, however, appears to be much more serious. According to his girlfriend, the hackers were able to access not just social media feeds, but most of Giannis’ important personal accounts. 

It’s not clear if they were able to steal any money or sensitive information, but even if they weren’t it’s still an unsettling situation for Giannis and his family. No one wants to lose their sense of privacy, and especially not during a global pandemic, where everyone has much more important matters on their mind. 

Hopefully, all of this will be resolved quickly, and Giannis can get back to preparing for playing basketball again and taking care of his new son, Liam, who was born just last month. 

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