Bob Myers takeaway from The Last Dance? It’s hard to keep championship teams together

Everyone is watching “The Last Dance” Jordan documentary on ESPN. It’s not just sports fans starved for content, it’s also NBA players.

We all watch it through the prism of our life experiences.

That includes Warriors general manager Bob Myers. His takeaway from the first couple of episodes seems tinged with personal experience from the past year. Myers was asked about the series on 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area (hat tip Drew Shiller at NBC Sports Bay Area).

“When you watch something like that, it reminds you how hard it is to keep something together,” Myers said… “That was my takeaway from it. It’s hard to understand. Even (Michael) Jordan himself said, ‘We’re winning. Let us keep trying to do this.’ But you realize that in the midst of it all what happens with great success, and great notoriety, and great attention, and all the money, and all the fame … it’s very hard.

“It’s why bands break up. Why’d that team break up? Because within all that, there’s so many dynamics. And to keep it all aligned, is work … you have to sacrifice. When you’re trying to win, you don’t get to do it all on your own terms. But you do get to win … so it’s fascinating to watch. You get to see some of the (Scottie) Pippen stuff and some of the discord.

“I’m not even picking on the Bulls because it’s human nature. It almost happens to everybody. Things have a lifetime and then they end.”

Myers knows something about discord tearing at the fabric of an elite team. In his case, it was Kevin Durant — who had tension with Draymond Green and at times seemed to chafe against the culture Stephen Curry helped build — deciding he needed to move on after three seasons with the Warriors. He’s now in Brooklyn.

Myers has tried to reboot the Warriors by getting them healthy, adding Andrew Wiggins (a roll of the dice), and they will have a high draft pick that should get them a quality player (possibly by trade). They still have Curry, Green, and Klay Thompson. This should be an elite team still.

But it will not be the same juggernaut without Durant. It was too hard to keep that team together.

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