Bucks G-League affiliate coach Chase Buford goes off in ‘rant of the year’ candidate

Even though they didn’t have a game, Sunday was a terrific day for the Milwaukee Bucks. Thanks to the Washington Wizards’ loss, the Bucks officially clinched a playoff spot, doing so faster than any team in NBA history. Unfortunately, things did not go as well for their G-League affiliate, the Wisconsin Herd.

Riding a five-game winning streak, the Herd jumped out to a 39-25 lead over the Grand Rapids Drive after the first quarter. By the start of the fourth, they were up by 21, and appeared to be cruising to a sixth straight win. Instead, the Drive outscored them 48-20 in the final frame to escape from Oshkosh, Wisconsin with a 126-117 victory. 

It was an impressive comeback, but would have gone mostly unnoticed if it weren’t for an all-timer of a rant by Herd head coach Chase Buford. You see, Mr. Buford had a bit of an issue with the referees. Take a listen (NSFW language):

Buford’s full comments:

The officiating definitely went right for Grand Rapids. That was as unprofessional as an officiating performance — I hope you tweet this out and tag the league, because that was embarrassing. Matt Rafferty is a f—ing clown. That being said, we have to be so much better at the end of games. We can’t blow a 21-point lead with 12 minutes to go. However bad and biased and unfair and illegal and cheating the referees are, we have to be better closing games. So that’s the way I feel. 

Incredible. Just amazing stuff here. Every single thing about this rant is perfect, from calling out a ref by name, all the way down to his disheveled look. The still of the video showing his hair flying around all over the place like he just woke up hungover is really a beautiful touch. 

And then you add in his delivery and the halfhearted attempt to take accountability before immediately shifting things back on the refs? Perfection. 

Bad. Biased. Unfair. Illegal. Cheating.

Whenever the immense fine Buford is about to receive from the league comes down, perhaps he can talk to Mark Cuban about footing the bill. He might find some sympathy about bad officiating from the Dallas Mavericks owner. 

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